Hangover Prevention
Liver Detoxification

Hepatoprotective Properties & Powerful Antioxidants

Dihydromyricetin | Milk Thistle | B&C Vitamins | Electrolyte Blend

Hepatoprotective Properties for Liver Health

Take 2/per 4-5 drinks Before Bed


What Is Rally?

The healthiest way to prevent your hangover.

Take two Rally Capsules with every 4-5 drinks and wake up refreshed and happy.  Rally is a powerful combination of antioxidants, vitamins, and electrolytes.  Rally aids your body in breaking down alcohol, restores essential nutrients, and protects and restores your liver from long term alcohol damage.

Rally Capsules are for everyone.
However much alcohol you regularly consume, Rally is made for you. Even a few glasses of wine can be taxing on your liver, and interrupt regular, healthy sleep patterns.

Rally is great for: Weddings, Bachelor Parties, Bachelorette Parties, Birthdays, Graduations, and More. Or, take Rally everyday as a general nutritional supplement for your liver.

Take Rally before alcohol consumption, just in case you’re worried you may forget later! Taking Rally before alcohol consumption helps in maintaining mental clarity, but please bear in mind, Rally does not lower BAC.

When Do I Rally?

BEFORE Take Rally before alcohol consumption to protect your body and mind from the negative effects of alcohol. Rally uses a unique time released delivery, so it will be delivered as your consume alcohol, when you need it most.
DURING Take Rally while you're drinking as a proactive way to keep your body and mind running clean and keep those nasty hangovers away. Your body is fully capable of processing 4-5 drinks, but after that it might need some help - just the time to Rally.
AFTER Take Rally after your last drink to maximize your body's alcohol processing ability. Make sure to take Rally before bed! Much of the damage to your body that causes hangover symptoms occurs while you sleep - this is why it is critical to take Rally Capsules at some point before bed.
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What is Rally?
Rally is a powerful combination of antioxidants, vitamins, and electrolytes that ease the negative effects of alcohol consumption. Rally contains Dihydromyricetin, which has been shown to react positively with the brain and liver during alcohol consumption and metabolization. As with all supplements, individual results may vary. Rally also contains Milk Thistle, Vitamins B&C, and a blend of essential electrolytes lost during alcohol consumption

When should I take Rally Capsules?
Rally Capsules may be taken before, during, or after drinking. It’s recommended that you take two pills with a full glass of water after your last alcoholic beverage or just before bed.

Can I take Rally before I drink, or while drinking?
Yes, you can take Rally before or during drinking. Please note that although taking Rally Capsules before or during drinking may increase feelings of sobriety, they do not prevent intoxication (so don’t overdo it!). Rally is the only time released hangover prevention formulation on the market. Always use good judgement while drinking. Please drink responsibly and never drink and drive.

Rally has time released delivery? How long does it take?
The time release mechanism takes approximately two hours.

How many Rally Capsules should I take?
It’s recommended that you take two pills with a full glass of water, per every 4-5 drinks.

Is it safe?
Absolutely. There are no known side effects to the ingredients in Rally Capsules.

Does Rally prevent intoxication?
NO! Taking Rally Capsules prior to drinking may decrease feelings of intoxication, but they DO NOT alter/lower the levels of alcohol in your system or prevent alcohol intoxication.

Can I take Rally while taking other medications?
As with all dietary supplements, you should speak to your physician before taking Rally Capsules, especially if you are being treated for a medical condition, or taking any OTC/prescription medications or dietary supplements.